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Dinah Mattingly, an American lady who was born on November 16, 1954, and who is now 68 years old, is most known for being the wife of retired NBA basketball player, coach, and executive Larry Bird.

You would expect Dinah Mattingly to take her proper position in the spotlight and lead the glamorous life of a WAG as the wife of one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

You could also anticipate that she would appear on a number of reality TV programs, but this is not the case. Despite her lengthy marriage to NBA icon Larry Bird, the Indiana State alum chooses to maintain a quiet profile.

Since their undergraduate years, Mattingly and Bird have been together, and their relationship is still going strong. They have made admirable joint charitable endeavors while concentrating on parenting their kids the proper way.

Profile Summary of Dinah Mattingly

  • Full name: Dinah Mattingly Bird
  • Date of birth: November 16, 1954
  • Age: 68 years old
  • Birthplace: Indiana
  • Nationality: American
  • Siblings: Doug Mattingly
  • Education institution attended: Indiana State University
  • Spouse: Larry Bird
  • Children: Two, namely Mariah and Conner Bird.

Dinah Mattingly is a native of Indiana, like her husband, Larry Bird.

On November 16, 1954, Dinah Mattingly Bird was born. She was raised in Indiana and attended a nearby college to earn her high school diploma. After that, she enrolled at Indiana State University to finish her undergraduate degree.

The claim that Dinah is connected to renowned baseball coach and player Don Mattingly is one of many false perceptions that are now circulating because she hasn’t revealed any information about her family history. Before making his MLB debut in 1982, Don Mattingly played baseball in the minor leagues for four seasons.

His 13-year career in the league saw him win nine Golden Globes, three Silver Sluggers, and six All-Star berths. He went on to coach groups like the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers after retiring. Don is one of the most famous athletes to have come from Indiana, which is also where Dinah was born. They are not related, despite sharing a surname and that fact. One brother called Doug, who formerly served drinks in a pub in the late 1980s, is the only known relative of Dinah.

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The couple at the 2019 NBA Awards—Image Source

Dinah Mattingly and Larry Bird’s relationship started during their college days in the late 1970s.

While attending Indiana State University, Mattingly not only earned a college degree but also met the love of her life. As is well known, Bird first demonstrated his exceptional basketball ability in high school, when he received an Indiana University scholarship.

He was only there for a single year until the upheaval in his personal life and the challenging new environment forced him to leave. The following several months were split between working as a garbage collector and attending community college. Later, he was persuaded to return to collegiate athletics, and he enrolled at Indiana State this time.

They eventually crossed paths since Dinah was a student there. The two started dating in the late 1970s, and they continued their relationship even after Bird graduated in 1979. Dinah stood by Bird’s side as he signed his first rookie contract and went on to have an outstanding first year and subsequent years of play.

She was present while his career was at its height in the 1980s, winning three NBA titles as well as several individual awards, including three NBA MVPs and the NBA Finals MVP twice.

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The couple’s daughter, Mariah Bird – Image Source

The couple got married in a simple ceremony in 1989.

Dinah and Larry Bird had many pleasures throughout Larry’s illustrious NBA career, but there was also a lot of strain. He frequently had to travel to other regions of the United States to play, which couldn’t have been simple for Dinah. But against all the obstacles, they were successful and got married in 1989.

Even though Larry Bird was a multi-millionaire superstar at the time, the wedding was not a big, flashy affair. They opted for simplicity. There were just seven individuals present for the wedding, which was held in Terra Haute, Indiana, at the home of a mutual acquaintance. Dinah Mattingly and Larry Bird decided on stonewashed jeans as opposed to a beautiful suit or expensive gown for their wedding. Dinah Mattingly’s marriage was her first, while her husband’s was his second. Janet Condra is a woman who was Larry Bird’s first wife.

He ended up getting married to his childhood sweetheart in 1975, during his first year of college. They separated after less than a year since their marriage was quite tumultuous. They temporarily reunited in an effort to make amends, but it did not work out, and they ultimately split up.

Dinah Mattingly and Larry Bird Adopted Two Children, Conner and Mariah

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Their son, Conner Bird – Image Source

In contrast to their two adopted children, Dinah Mattingly and Larry Bird do not share any biological offspring. Mariah, a girl they adopted in 1991, and Conner, a son they adopted in 1992, are their children. Now that both children are adults, they are forging their own destinies.

Mariah holds a college degree and works as an events manager for the Indiana Pacers, the former franchise of her father. Conner, on the other hand, is a graduate of Indiana University. Although his current job is unknown, he has previously made news for several unfavorable events.

Conner was detained for misbehavior and underage drinking back in 2011. After his ex-girlfriend claimed he tried to strike her with his car in 2013, he was charged with violence, criminal recklessness, and possession of marijuana. He refuted these allegations and eventually entered into a plea agreement with the government.

He was given a 12-month reprieve from the maximum punishment of one year in jail and a $5,000 fine in exchange for agreeing to a number of conditions, including enrolling in a mentorship program and refraining from committing any more crimes. Since Conner did not make the news about this matter again, it appears that he followed this rule.

Her Husband Also Has a Daughter Named Corrie From His First Marriage

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Corrie and her husband, Trent
Image Source

Dinah’s husband has a biological daughter named Corrie with his previous wife, Janet, in addition to the two adopted children. When Corrie was born in 1977, her father didn’t know how to bond with her because of the strained relationship her parents had at the time. However, he made sure to give regular child support and gave up primary custody to her mother.

All well and good, but Corrie preferred her father’s presence over his money. She excelled in school athletics and frequently sent him updates on her success, but he never replied. She requested to attend even his formal retirement ceremony, but he declined. Corrie was quite saddened by this, but she never lost faith in her ability to get in touch with her father. Thankfully, with Dinah’s assistance, things have changed for the better.

Corrie got to communicate with her father during the game after she mailed her some NBA tickets. Since then, their friendship has only gotten better, and Bird has said that Corrie is a lovely young woman. He said he was proud of her, even if he didn’t know how to handle the matter with her mother. He cares for her and is constantly there for her.

Dinah Mattingly and her husband have supported several charity initiatives over the years.

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The couple at a game—Image Source

After 34 years of marriage, Dinah Mattingly and Larry Bird’s relationship is still going strong. The couple has resided in sumptuous mansions in cities including Indiana, Florida, and Chicago. Through all of the highs and lows, they have remained a unit.

When fans were pushing her husband to quit due to a decline in performance in the latter stages of his career, Dinah spoke up for her spouse. She also attended his 2019 lifetime achievement award ceremony. Larry Bird has been the Indiana Pacers’ head coach and president of basketball operations while the couple currently keeps a quiet profile.

Dinah Mattingly has joined her husband’s charitable endeavor, but it is unknown what she works for as a career. Dinah and her husband prefer providing cash under the table to other well-known people who make their charitable deeds public. As a result, a large portion of their charitable efforts go unappreciated, but they wouldn’t have it any other way since what matters most to them is that they care.

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