Sheriff Chad Bianco Wife Denise

Many people want to know more about Denise, “Sheriff Chad Bianco‘s wife.” Let’s learn more about Chad Bianco’s family, marriage, children, and other relationships in Riverside County. Sheriff Chad Bianco is a top-tier police officer in Riverside County, not a performer.

Denise Bianco‘s husband, Chad Bianco, has worked for the sheriff’s office for 29 years. He was chosen to serve as Riverside County’s sheriff, coroner, and public administrator on November 6, 2018. Recently, Chad Bianco was re-elected to office in Riverside County.

After winning the election in November 2018, he took office as Riverside County’s sheriff. He has worked in the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department for more than 25 years and has held a variety of responsibilities.

Who Is Denise, the wife of Sheriff Chad Bianco?

Denise Bianco, the wife of Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco, is well-liked. Denise Bianco, the wife of sheriff Chad Bianco, is 53 years old. She has a birthday celebration on August 10 each year.

In Riverside’s Woodcrest area, Denise Bianco lives with her husband, Chad Bianco. Sheriff Chad Bianco’s wife is an American citizen and a mother of four.

She is a white person. Sheriff Chad Bianco is a happy husband. On May 25, 2000, he and his longtime spouse Denise were married.

Sheriff Chad Bianco wife Denise
Sheriff Chad Bianco’s wife wishes her husband his 17th anniversary. (Image source: Instagram)

The couple has three kids and has been together for more than 20 years. Bianco often cites his wife as his staunchest ally and the cause of his success.

Together with his wife of 22 years, the sheriff of Riverside is living a happy life. Despite their age, the pair is not afraid to display their connection on social media.

Sheriff Chad Bianco’s wife Denise recently shared a heartfelt Instagram message wishing her husband a happy 23rd wedding anniversary. The Bianco family likes going on vacation and spending time together.

Introducing Sheriff Chad Bianco and his family

Chad Bianco’s wonderful wife Denise is the happy mother of their four children and grandma of two young people. The four children of Bianco are all avid users of Instagram.

Amanda Bianco, Tyler John Bianco, Tori, and Alex Acosta are the couple’s two sons and daughters. In addition to often posting photos of her family on social media, Denise Bianco is renowned for her devotion to them.

Sheriff Chad Bianco Wife Denise
Sheriff Chad Bianco at his daughter Amanda’s wedding. (Image source: Instagram)

All of Sheriff Chad Bianco’s children have successful careers in their fields. His son Alex has followed in his father’s footsteps as a respected police officer, and his oldest daughter is a successful attorney.

The director of communications of Sandals Church is Tyler Bianco. He co-hosts the television show Rotten Potatoes as well. Son of Sheriff Chad Bianco and Deputy at San Bernadino Academy is Alex Acosta.

Denise Bianco Ethnicity And Religion

Denise, the wildly popular wife of the Riverside County Sheriff, practices Christianity. She is a citizen of the United States and is of Caucasian ancestry (nationality).

Presently, Denise Bianco and her husband are living a life of luxury. The wealth of Chad Bianco is said to be $1 million. Also, he earns a salary between $273,463 and $308,197 every year.

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