Athena Bautista

Athena Bautista, the daughter of Dave Bautista, was conceived in 1992. The WWE superstar Dave Bautista and his ex-wife, Glenda Bautista, are the parents of Athena.

Glenda, Athena’s mother, is a senior director in the advertising product department of Hearst Publishing Company in New York. David and Glenda, the former couple, were wed in 1990 and divorced in 1998.

Glenda, Athena’s mother, divorced her husband David in 2014 and has been married to Chris Baker since since. Her parents have other children in addition to Athena Bautista.

Keilani Bautista, an older sister who was born in 1990, is the sibling in question. Jacob Bautista and Aiden Bautista are the two children that Keilani is the mother to.

Former WWE wrestler’s daughter Athena Bautista There Was A Sex Scandal With Star Bautista

Athena Bautista, the daughter of Dave Bautista, appeared in an exclusive, graphic video from World Star Hip Hop. The video depicts her engaging in sexual activity with her ex-partner Justin Miller.

50-years old Bautista daughter Athena Bautista
Daughter of WWE star Bautista and Athena sex scandal
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The recording was purportedly recorded at a hotel room in Miami, Florida, much as in the video. Justin Miller, Athena’s lover, also took part in the sex scandal. The pair allegedly intended to release other videos of themselves via different channels. Fans, however, gave the videos a poor evaluation.


Athena Bautista, the daughter of the former wrestler, also has a YouTube account. Even still, the channel has had 215 subscribers as of September 2019 after being inactive for the previous 8 years.

And it’s still unclear if Athena owns the channel or not. There are, however, a few videos on the channel that include Athena and Gepetto Jackson, who was her closest friend at the time.

They appear in a video where the fans are really disrespectful to them and even harass them.


There are further videos for which Make a Mill Entertainment and Athena have agreements. Athena’s most recent information hasn’t been made public, however. She seemed to be taking her time.

Name Meaning: Athena Bautista

The Greek name Athena, which means “goddess of learning, skill, and combat,” is used for girls.

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