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Chris Evans is an American actor best known for portraying Captain America from the comic books on film.

Who is Chris Evans?

Chris Evans, who was born and raised in the Boston area, received his first significant film role in the satire “Not Another Teen Movie. He played the Human Torch in two Fantastic Four films, but it was his role as another superhero in the hugely popular Captain America and The Avengers blockbusters that launched him to celebrity. Evans has gained praise for his role in the dystopian film Snowpiercer and had a successful Broadway debut in 2018.

Early Life

Christopher Robert Evans was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on June 13, 1981, and grew up in the adjacent town of Sudbury. Evans and his three siblings were lured into the performing arts world by his mother, Lisa, a dancer turned youth theater director, while his father, Robert, offered financial security as a dentist. Evans recalled,

“We were like the von Trapps [from The Sound of Music], all singing and dancing.”

Evans, a natural athlete, wrestled and played lacrosse at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School when he wasn’t involved in school or community theater. He spent the summer before his senior year of high school interning for a casting studio in New York City, building crucial contacts and improving his talents at the Lee Strasberg Institute. Eager to return, the ambitious actor rushed through his senior year, graduating a semester ahead of his peers.

Movies and TV shows

“Captain America” and “The Avengers

Evans joined the developing Marvel Cinematic Universe empire in July 2011 with Captain America: The First Avenger. Evans capably exhibited the earnestness important to his role, as well as the eye-popping physique and fighting skills required for a current action hero, as Steve Rogers, the skinny but devoted serviceman who undergoes a huge physical change to become the eponymous “super soldier.”

Evans’ MCU tenure began with The First Avenger, and he later joined Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, and other big-name performers, both in and out of costume, for the superhero blockbuster The Avengers (2012). Evans went on to star in the sequels to his own Captain America trilogy, The Winter Soldier (2014) and Civil War (2016), as well as The Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) and other Marvel films, including Ant-Man (2015) and Spider-Man: Homecoming (2016).

Evans was initially hesitant to wield the Captain’s shield owing to the lengthy commitment, but by the time his contract expired, he was ready to go on, with Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and Avengers: Endgame (2019) showcasing his final performances as America’s super soldier.

Early TV Roles: “Opposite Sex,” “Boston Public”

Evans was sent to Los Angeles in the late 1990s by his agency to audition for a program called Get Real (when he met Anne Hathaway), but instead landed a supporting role on Opposite Sex with Milo Ventimiglia as one of the few guys to attend a previously all-girls academy. The adolescent comedy-drama lasted only eight episodes in the summer of 2000, but it gave its young cast valuable exposure. Evans went on to feature in films such as The Fugitive, Skin, and the famous Boston Public. With his cinematic career well underway, he contributed voice work for Adult Swim’s stop-motion cartoon Robot Chicken in 2008.

From “Not Another Teen Movie” to “Cellular,”

Evans made his feature film debut in “Not Another Teen Movie” (2001), a satire of high school dramas such as “She’s All That” (1999) and its predecessors. As football star Jake Wyler, he goes through the motions of taking a bet to date the geeky, glasses-wearing girl and provides a ridiculous highlight by squirting on the whipped cream bikini made famous by Ali Larter in Varsity Blues (1999).

He later appeared in another high school comedy, The Perfect Score (2004), as part of a group of kids who steal the answers to a SAT exam, and then in the action thriller Cellular (2004), where he helped liberate Kim Basinger from her kidnappers.

“Fantastic Four,” “Scott Pilgrim,” and Other Comic Adaptations

Prior to his breakthrough role in Captain America, Evans appeared in Fantastic Four (2005) as Johnny Storm/Human Torch. The film was a commercial success, but a drop in box office revenue for Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007), along with another batch of mostly bad reviews, resulted in the postponement of a third chapter.

Returning to comic-book material, Evans voiced the boyfriend of the Ninja Turtles’ coworker, April O’Neil, in the animated TMNT (2007). He then co-starred in the action comedy The Losers (2010), which received negative reviews despite a good cast, and secured a supporting role as an over-the-top version of the Hollywood action hero he had become in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010).

Meanwhile, the actor used his all-American good looks and charm to his advantage, making him a natural for romantic comedies. In The Nanny Diaries (2007), he played Scarlett Johannson’s “Harvard Hottie” before becoming the perfect complement for Anna Faris in What’s Your Number? (2011).

Drama and Sci-Fi: “London” to “Sunshine”

Following his early teen flicks, Evans showed his ability to handle heavier content in London (2005), playing an addict trying to get over his ex-girlfriend. Later, with Bryce Dallas Howard, he played Tennessee Williams in The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond (2008), and in Puncture, he played a real-life lawyer and drug user who goes after the pharmaceutical business (2010).

On the sci-fi front, Evans co-starred as an engineer on a space mission to restart the fading sun in Danny Boyle’s little-seen but critically acclaimed 2007 film Sunshine. Evans’ performance was complimented by the film’s director, who described him as “a bit of a Mary Poppins—he can bring anything out of the bag.” He subsequently portrayed a telekinetic in Push (2009); however, his performance was overshadowed by a convoluted narrative.

‘Iceman,’ ‘Snowpiercer’

Despite his Marvel responsibilities taking up much of his time, Evans made time for other movie ventures that he enjoyed. Iceman (2012) allowed him to shed his squeaky-clean superhero image by portraying him as a contract assassin who supports Michael Shannon’s vicious hitman. Snowpiercer (2013) reintroduced him as a leading man, but as an antihero in a bleak future.

“Before We Go,” “The Gifted”

Before We Go, a lukewarmly regarded romantic comedy that premiered at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival, was the actor’s directorial debut. Another rom-com, Portraying It Cool (2015), did not perform well, but The Gifted (2017) fared considerably better, with Evans playing the guardian of a math genius.

“The Red Sea Diving Resort,” “Knives Out,” “Defending Jacob”

Evans then played an Israeli spy in The Red Sea Diving Resort (2019), which is based on the true-life rescue and transfer of Ethiopian Jews to Israel in 1981. Late that year, he disavowed the wholesome superhero image once more by portraying an unpleasant playboy in the murder mystery Knives Out. In 2020, he returned to television as the father of a boy accused of murder in the Apple TV+ drama Defending Jacob.

Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Evans is worth $110 million. The majority of his money has come from his Marvel Cinematic Universe participation, albeit it took some time to get there after collecting a very modest $300,000 for his first Captain America film.

Romantic Life and Girlfriends

Evans had an on-again, off-again romance with actress Jenny Slate after meeting on the set of “The Gifted. The pair spent the 2017 holiday season together before splitting up for real a few months later.

Evans previously had a long-term romance with Jessica Biel from 2001 to 2006. He’s also been linked to Minka Kelly and Lily Collins, both actors.


Evans has received the greatest attention outside of his films for his openly liberal tweets. When Donald Trump was elected president of the United States in 2016, the actor referred to it as an “embarrassing night” in which other Americans “let a bully decide our destiny.” He’s also engaged in an online feud with former KKK leader David Duke and chastised conservative TV show Laura Ingraham for ridiculing student leaders who attempted to reduce gun violence. However, not all of his tweets are political in nature; he routinely pays tribute to friends and professional colleagues and shares images of his favorite rescue boxer, Dodger.

Chris Evans’ Height and Workout

Evans, who stands 6 feet tall but is normally slender, showed the consequences of hard hours in the gym as he progressed from the rangy jock of Not Another Teen Movie to the beefier Human Torch of the Fantastic Four to the cartoonishly muscular Captain America.

Putting on weight was critical to his laboratory-enhanced superhero’s appearance, spurring a training plan that included heavy reps of squats, deadlifts, and incline bench presses, as well as bodyweight workouts like dips and pull-ups. By the time The Winter Soldier came out, he had integrated gymnastics and plyometrics into his regimen to increase his speed and agility, which helped him in sequences like when he fights up a bunch of men in a crowded elevator.

Broadway Debut

While waiting for the release of Avengers: Infinity War, Evans made his Broadway debut in a production of Kenneth Lonergan’s Lobby Hero in March 2018. As part of a small ensemble that includes his former Scott Pilgrim co-star Michael Cera, Evans displayed his effortless charm while hinting at the pain underlying his veteran officert i confident façade. Although Lobby Hero had a brief run, Evans’ well-received performance hinted he would return to the stage in the future.

Personal Life & Interests

Evans isn’t the only member of his family who’s earned a name for himself: his younger brother Scott is an actor who had a regular part on the serial opera One Life to Live for two years, and his uncle, Mike Capuano, is a former mayor and veteran Massachusetts congressman.

The Hollywood actor has been candid about his struggles with social anxiety, especially when it comes to the public element of his job. “You’re in the SUV with your family, your folks,” he told Rolling Stone. Then you have to stop in some strange parking lot to conduct the exchange. There’s security and everyone else. “You’re suddenly out of your comfort zone. ” It’s the simple things that may make or break you.”

Evans, who lives in Los Angeles and Boston, is an avid sports enthusiast who supports his hometown clubs. He narrated the NFL Network’s America’s Game in 2014, which chronicled the New England Patriots’ exciting Super Bowl victory earlier that year.

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