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Chase Landry is a well-known television personality, primarily recognized as a cast member of the History Channel series Swamp People. The show follows the daily lives of alligator hunters, and Chase is particularly known as the son of the show’s lead, Troy Landry, who is often referred to as the “King of Swamp People.”

Chase’s personal life has also been a topic of conversation in addition to his professional life. Recently, a rumor about him dating Cheyenne “Pickle” Wheat, a cast member of Swamp People, appeared in the media. Additionally, according to the rumor, he separated from his wife during his relationship with Wheat.

Therefore, did Chase Landry really divorce his wife? What about the rumors that he was dating Cheyenne? Here, we have compiled all of the information you might be interested in learning about Chase Landry’s personal and professional lives. Read the text below to the end if you want to learn more in-depth.

Chase Landry Bio: His Age, Parents & Early Life

On April 25, 1989, in Pierre Part, Louisiana, Chase Landry was born as the youngest child to his mother Bernita Landry, and father Troy Landry. He will be 33 years old in 2023. His mother Bernita works as a publicist, and his father Troy is a well-known alligator hunter.

Chase Landry is currently in his early 30s
Young Chase Landry.

Like his two older brothers, Landry was raised in his hometown. The family’s youngest Swampling was born under the sign of Taurus. Regarding his nationality, he is of French-Canadian ancestry and is an American citizen.

Has Two Lovely Siblings

Chase is the youngest of his parents’ children, as was previously mentioned. He has an older brother named Brandon “Landry” Hotard, who is believed to be his mother’s child from her previous partner.

He additionally made an appearance on the History channel reality series Swamp People once in the years 2012–2013. But later, he quit the reality show and began working as the estimating manager at Conyard Shipyard.

Chase Landry has two siblings
Chase Landry with his parents and brothers

Jacob Landry, his other older brother, is a reality TV star. Like Chase, Jacob is a star of the Swamp People television series. He was the captain of his father Troy’s second boat and is regarded as an expert gator boater.

Career: He Is An Allegator Hunter & Reality TV Star

Chase Landry, a star in the reality television series Swamp People, which depicts the daily lives of alligator hunters, is the son of Troy Landry. He is gaining media attention while continuing to do the same job—hunting for clients both in real life and on-screen—and making enough money to support himself.

Chase Landry is a hunter
Chase Landry after hunting alligators.

He has been a cast member of the Swamp People since 2012, which brings us to his involvement in that show. According to IMDb, he has appeared in a total of 70 episodes since that time. Landry made four episodes of Swamp People: Serpent Invasion in 2020.

Chase has already been cast for season 14 of the show, as he announced to his Facebook fans on his Da Landry Life page. He shared a post on January 5, 2023, with the caption,

Season 14 tonight!! Make sure to tune in tonight!!! It’s gonna be an exciting season!

Like his father Troy Landry, Chase Landry is without a doubt a ferocious alligator hunter.

Is Chase Also A Musician?

There isn’t a lot of information in the media about his relationship with music. On stage with Steel Bill, he was once discovered playing a solo guitar, though. He played guitar in a YouTube video that was posted in or around 2015. His musical ability impressed many viewers, as evidenced by the comments section, which read:

I didn’t know he played guitar sooo good, I just thought he chased alligators for a living. Lol, well done my man!

Wow, impressive.This guy hunts Gators,plays guitar and eats pickles.What a life

Even though the reality TV star doesn’t demonstrate much of his musical talent in the video, it is clear from the performance that he is a superb guitarist.

He Is Also Involved In The Food Industry

Chase works in the food industry in addition to being a hunter. Chasin’ Tail Seafood is the name of the seafood restaurant he owns. In January 2016, he informed his followers via his Twitter account. Landry tweeted,

Chasin’ Tails Seafood is back in business baby! The prettiest crawfish from Gulf Shores, AL to East Point, FL!

There is no information in the online directory about him owning a restaurant, but it is known that his father Troy owns a business called Crawfish Company.

Is Chase Landry Married? If Yes, Who Is His Wife?

Chase, who appears in The Swamp People, is married. Chelsea Kinsey is his wife. There aren’t any additional details about Chase’s marriage available in the media because, unlike his other siblings, he prefers to keep his private life private.

His divorce from his wife has been the subject of numerous recent online rumors. Nothing about the rumors of their separation can be said with certainty because neither the husband nor the wife has addressed the rumors about their relationship. In addition, it is said that Chase is dating Cheyenne “pickle” Wheat. So, what is the reality?

Is Chase Involved With Cheyenne “Pickle” Wheat?

According to our investigation, Chase and Wheat are just good friends rather than romantically involved. In fact, she has been able to forge a strong bond with Landry’s family as a member of the Swamp People. Currently, Cheyenne is seeing a man whose name is off-limits to the media. But that is definitely not Chase.

Chase Landry is rumored to be in a relationship with Cheyenne Wheat
Chase Landry’s rumored girlfriend Wheat with her man. (Image Source: Wheat’s Instagram)

She even posted some of his photos on her social media accounts. She posted a lovely photo with her partner on her Instagram on January 8, 2023, and stated “My Man’s First Hog!!“. Given this, we can categorically state that Chase and Pickle are not dating.

Chase Is A Proud Father

The famous TV star is the father of Riley Blake Landry. His beautiful daughter was born in March 2017, so in 2023 she will be 5 years old.

Chase Landry is a father
Chase Landry with his newborn baby

Chase’s father Troy announced the birth of his daughter on his Facebook page, writing,

I’m so proud !!!! We have a beautiful new baby girl in the Landry family. Chase s first baby. We would like to welcome miss Riley Blake Landry.

What Happened When Chase Was Arrested in 2016?

The TV personality was detained in September 2016 on suspicion of shooting a shrimp boat in Bayou Chene while out hunting as well as discharging illegal weapons. After being arrested, he claimed that the other boat was rapidly approaching his boat in a direct line. He fired in order to prevent his boat from sinking.

The victims, however, made an entirely different statement. The victim narrated,

they were traveling by boat in Bayou Chene when they were passing some guys in a boat who were hunting alligators. One of the guys from that boat shot a gun in their direction and continued towards St. Mary Parish and the suspect’s boat contained several alligators. There was a plastic gas can which was on top of the cabin of the commercial shrimp boat that was leaking gasoline from what appeared to be gunshot hole.

Chase was later freed and his case was kept secret, whatever the circumstances.

His Social Media Presence

The native of Louisiana has a Twitter account with 46.6K followers. The last time he tweeted was in 2017. Additionally, he frequently appeared on his father’s Facebook page.

Chase’s Father Is A Millionaire

According to estimates, Chase Landry has a net worth of $200,000, primarily generated through his profession as an alligator hunter and his appearances on reality TV. Additionally, his father Troy Landry, who is also known for his role on the show “Swamp People,” is reported to have a fortune of $2 million.

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