Raymond John Leppan's Wife Cassandra Leppan

Raymond John Leppan, formerly known as Leo Kruger or Adam Rose, is a retired South African WWE wrestler. Cassandra Leppan is his well-known wife. He is a well-known character in Florida WWE contests.

Cassandra was born in the early 1980s, although neither her birthplace nor her parents’ identities are known to the general world. She could be a mixed-race person. She is also a devoted mother and wife.

About Raymond and Cassandra Leppan Family Life

In 2010, Cassandra Leppan was hitched to Raymond Leppan. The details of how they met, got married, and haven’t yet divorced are not well known.

A 2010 Picture of Cassandra Leppan with her husband Raymond Leppan.
 Cassandra Leppan and Raymond Leppan in a photo taken in 2010. Source: Facebook     

Raymond and Cassandra have reportedly experienced ups and downs but have remained wed to one another.

Net Worth: A Millionaire Marries Cassandra

Raymond Leppan, also known as Adam Rose and Leo Kruger, is the billionaire spouse of Cassandra Leppan. He has a $5 million estimated net worth, which is comparable to Dominique Cojuangco, a well-known Filipino model.

Nevertheless, given that the family must spend a large portion of their income on providing care for their son who has special needs and on medical expenses, this number may really be significantly lower. The Leppan family apparently experienced a financial difficulty in 2016 as a result of Cassandra’s husband being suspended and dealing with other problems.

However it appears that this is untrue. With his work for the WWE, his licensing deals, and his video game deals, Raymond Leppan undoubtedly made a fortune. His notoriety endures to this day.

Is A Mother – Leppan Has Two Children

Maverick and Levi Leppan, both sons of Cassandra Leppan, are her children. Levi was born in 2014, while Maverick was born in 2011. The lads get along well with one another.

Cassandra Leppan with her husband and sons.
Including her husband and boys is Cassandra Leppan. Source: The NY Banner

Levi appears to be a healthy and happy youngster, but Maverick is a special needs child. To offer their children the greatest possible existence, both parents give their everything.

A Quick Look At Son Maverick’s Situation

The oldest child of Cassandra was born with an uncommon malformation of the abdominal wall. He was born with a congenital condition that caused his liver and intestines to dangle outside of his body, necessitating immediate surgery. Maverick has had a number of operations so far and has survived longer than expected.

Before, a tube in his stomach was used to feed him. Maverick will require special care for the most of his life as a result of his medical condition. He has so far survived longer than expected, and the future appears brighter because to the tremendous developments in technology.

About Cassandra’s Notable Husband

Raymond Leppan, also known as Adam Rose and Leo Kruger, is a well-known wrestler who is married to Cassandra. He was originally from South Africa, lived a life full of hardships, and even briefly lost his house.

An old picture of Cassandra Leppan's husband Raymond Leppan in his ring persona Adam Rose.
An old photo shows Raymond Leppan, who used the ring name Adam Rose, as Cassandra Leppan’s spouse. Source: AT1

He began his professional wrestling career in South Africa before relocating to the US to advance his career. He was hired by WWE in 2010 and debuted in Florida Championship Wrestling, a corporate development area (FCW).

Adam Rose WWE Career

In 2014, Ray Leppan made his WWE Main Roster Debut as Adam Rose using the persona of the flamboyant, party-loving “The Rosebuds” character. He performed for a while with this persona until being let go by WWE in 2016.

Adam Rose was well-known for both his in-ring prowess and his high-energy and captivating attitude during the course of his WWE tenure. Together with the NXT Tag Team Title, he also won the FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship throughout his career.

Adam Rose Career Outside WWE

Ray Leppan wrestled for a number of independent organizations before joining WWE, including the World Wrestling Professionals (WWP) in South Africa. During the time, he went under the stage names Z-Max and Daemon Duke. The WWP World Heavyweight Championship was one of several titles he earned.

Ray Leppan resumed his wrestling career on the independent circuit after leaving WWE. He has participated in events for organizations including Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, House of Hardcore, and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). Also, he has competed in overseas promotions including Wrestle-1 in Japan.

Entertainment And Videos Of Raymond

Raymond has experience working in the music business. Break Away and All About the Power are two of the singles he has released. Also, he has appeared in a few movies, such as the comedy-horror flick Sharknado: The 4th Awakens.

Also featured on the ESPN documentary series Beyond the Curtain, Ray Leppan gave his history there. In the documentary about him, his rough history and the family he had at the time—including his son’s illness—were depicted.

Ray Leppan’s Character In Video Games

His profession has led Ray Leppan to a variety of locations, including video games. His character persona Rose was made available as downloadable content (DLC) in the WWE 2K15 video game. It implies that he was an optional character that players could buy for the core game.

Custom Lego sets of Leo Kruger created by a fan.
A fan made unique Lego sets of Leo Kruger. Source: Twitter @LazCreates2k 

Moreover, Rose was a playable character in the 2015 video game WWE 2K16. Rose’s character in this game was changed to take into account any alterations to his demeanor in real life. The Rose character appeared in WWE SuperCard, a mobile game, in addition to the normal WWE 2K games.

WWE celebrities and legends were featured on the digital trading cards that players could collect and use in combat. One of the several WWE stars featured in the game’s various card sets was Rose.

Cassandra Leppan Had Domestic Violence Allegations

Many devoted followers are aware of Cassandra and Ray Leppan’s aka Adam Rose’s difficult times. Adam Rose failed a standard drug test in 2016 that was really for his ADHD medication. He was suspended, nevertheless, for not telling the WWE he was using this drug.

At this point, Cassandra, his wife, was so alarmed by his hostile behavior toward her that she dialed 911. Adam Rose stole her phone and was later charged with witness tampering and domestic assault. He was imprisoned and brought to the sheriff’s department. Also, WWE put him on extended leave.

Leppan went to court so that her husband wouldn’t be prosecuted

Cassandra really requested her husband’s release at the 2016 court hearing for her domestic violence. She spoke up strongly about the event and assured the judge there was no damage or bruising. Fans conjectured that the suspension and the ADHD medicine were to blame for the occurrence.

Finally, the court reduced the bond, and Adam Rose returned home as quickly as possible. The court authorized Rose to receive therapy from his pastor and the men’s group at his church.

About Cassandra’s husband Shirt Controversy

After producing a T-shirt on the Pro Wrestling Tees website in 2016, Cassandra’s husband became embroiled in controversy once more. His domestic violence arrest’s mugshot was on the offending clothing.

The Mugshot Tshirt of Cassandra Leppan's husband, Raymond Leppan
The Raymond Leppan, wife of Cassandra Leppan, Mugshot T-shirt. Source: Wrestling News

In a subsequent statement, Ray Leppan said that Cassandra was fine with the shirt being made public and that it was about him dealing with a difficult time in his life. Afterwards, the T-shirt was taken down from the website.

What Is Cassandra’s Religion?

Both Cassandra and Ray Leppan identify as Christians. In 2010, they were wed in a Christian ceremony. They routinely attend church because religion plays a significant role in their lives.

The pair attends frequent religious gatherings and support groups.

Social Media Presence

Despite being a frequent user of social media before her husband’s retirement, Cassandra Leppan has decided to avoid the limelight.

Both Leppan’s previous Twitter account and her Facebook profile have seen little activity. Raymond Leppan, also known as Adam Rose, is not on any social media sites.

Quick Facts About Raymond John Leppan’s Wife Cassandra Leppan

Full Name Cassandra Leppan
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Birth City Florida
Birth Country America
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Raymond Leppan “Adam Rose”
Networth 5000000
Religion Christian
Facebook Link Facebook Link

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