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Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex-girlfriend Camila Morrone is a gorgeous heartthrob best known for classic films like Titanic, Romeo and Juliet, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, starring Brad Pitt, and more. Since Camila made headlines for all the wrong reasons after dating movie star Leo, her admirers grew more interested in learning about her romantic history. If so, is Camila Morrone married? If so, do you know Camila Morrone’s husband?

We have discovered some fascinating information about her personal life for this article. Additionally, we will learn whether Camila is wed to a husband or not. Let’s start now.

Camila Marrone is a married woman. Who is the man who married Camila Morrone?

Camila Morrone is not married at the moment. She is now 25 years old and has not yet indicated that she intends to find a husband. Additionally, whenever the interviewer inquired about her wedding preparations, Leonardo’s ex-girlfriend always pushed the subject to the side.

As was already mentioned, the actress gained a lot of attention when she was revealed to be Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend, which piqued public interest in her personal life. The ex-couple first made headlines in December 2017 when they were photographed together shopping at Barney’s in Los Angeles.

Camila Morrone married
Camila and her former partner Leo

Despite the fact that Morrone was his half-sibling, the two appeared to get along well. The legendary pair also made their first formal public appearance in February 2020 at Oscars events. Leo, a mixed-race actor and Morrone’s ex-boyfriend, was nominated for the 92nd Academy Awards at the time for his outstanding performance in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Do Camila and DiCaprio Have Any Marriage Plans?

Before their breakup, Camila and Leo, her partner, were completely in love. The two did go to a number of significant events together. It was clear from their developing romance that many people believed Camila was the woman who was ready to become his wife.

Furthermore, a source informed Us Weekly in 2018 that the two were prepared to propose. The source reported, “They are seriously in love and committed. They have discussed getting married.”

However, it turned out that neither of the ex-flings got engaged or married. Instead, whenever the subject of weddings came up, they tried to steer clear of it. The two have already broken up as of right now.

Sources say they went their separate ways in August 2022, about four years after their relationship.

Camila Morrone Was Married To Sam Claflin On Daisy Jones

While Morrone, 25 years old, has not yet tied the knot with a husband in real life, she married Sam Claflin in the television miniseries Daisy Jones & the Six. In the musical drama, she portrayed Camila Alvarez, Billy Dunne’s wife, who was portrayed by Sam Claflin.

Camila with her on-screen hubby
Morrone with her on-screen partner Sam

As husband and wife, the two displayed a strong on-screen chemistry of love. Even their on-screen romance, which was smoldering, made people wonder if they were also dating off-screen. In contrast, they have not yet addressed the rumors in reality.

The TV husband of Camila Morrone was also a married man in real life.

Sam, her on-screen husband, married Laura Haddock, an actress, in July 2013. In reality, the two began dating in 2011, and they got married two years later. Pip Claflin, a son, and Margot Claflin, a daughter, are also among the couple’s offspring. But in August 2019, about six years after they wed, Sam and his wife Laura divorced.


Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone: are they married?

Leo and Camila did not wed. Before divorcing in 2022, the two had only been boyfriend and girlfriend for four years

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