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People have been discussing about the homage presented by Battlehawks for Ben Siegfried Death, which has made it one of the top trending topics on the internet.

The St. Louis Battlehawks are dealing with the loss of one of their own and are in a state of anguish and mourning. The XFL revealed on Friday that Ben Siegfried, an employee of the athletic training department who worked with the D.C. Defenders and Battlehawks, died suddenly on Thursday night.

Ben Siegfried played a significant part in training the Battlehawks and D.C. Defenders for the XFL season while completing his graduate studies at Lebanon Valley College. He was a crucial component of the training group, and the units regarded and respected his services enormously.

Without a question, Ben Siegfried’s passing has left a big hole in both the Battlehawks’ organization and the XFL as a whole. He will be sadly missed and his enthusiasm, devotion, and hard work will always be remembered.

Battlehawks’ athletic trainer Ben Siegfried was found dead, according to his obituary.

Since his team gave him a heartfelt tribute, there has been much discussion about Ben Siegfried’s passing. The staff described how helpful and upbeat Ben Siegfried was in the memorial to his passing. They also said that they will all miss him.

The precise circumstances behind Ben Siegfried’s death have not been made public by the league. Nonetheless, the Battlehawks and the XFL community have suffered greatly as a result of losing such a crucial training team member.

Notwithstanding the devastating news, the Battlehawks will play their first home game of the year on Sunday at the Dome at America’s Center against the Arlington Renegades. On March 18, the squad will play another home game at the same location against the D.C. Defenders.

Before the COVID-19 epidemic ended the 2020 season, which saw just five of ten games played, the league and the Battlehawks had a lot of support and interest from businesses and fans.

Tribute to Ben Siegfried. (Source: KSDK)

On April 13, 2022, the Battlehawks appointed Antony Becht, a former St. Louis Ram, as their head coach after the team’s maiden campaign. As the XFL confirmed the team’s return to St. Louis on July 24, 2022, it became clear that Becht would take the team’s reins for the 2023 season resurrection.

The Battlehawks are clearly going through a trying and emotional period in the wake of Ben Siegfried’s loss. They will however continue to commemorate his legacy and work hard to succeed in the XFL.

Why Did Ben Siegfried Die and How Did He Die?

The death of one of their own, Ben Siegfried, a training staff member, at the team hotel on Thursday night saddened the St. Louis Battlehawks.

The squad needed the young guy, who was in his early 20s, and his untimely passing has left the company and the XFL community in shock and sadness. His death’s cause has not yet been made public.

Ben Siegfried
Ben Siegfried excelled at his job as an athletic trainer. (Source: FOX 2)

After the incident, the team decided to postpone morning meetings to give everyone time to absorb and mourn. Nonetheless, despite having sad hearts and a feeling of loss pervading the room, the group proceeded their exercise as planned.

On Saturday, the Battlehawks will play the Arlington Renegades in St. Louis, where they will likely play with heavy hearts as they pay tribute to Ben Siegfried’s legacy. It is obvious that his death has had a significant impact on the squad, but they will come together and move on as they want to succeed in the XFL.

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