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Arlene Litman became a public figure through her daughter, Lisa Bonet, an American actress renowned for her portrayal of Denise Huxtable on the television series The Cosby Show. Lisa has accumulated an estimated net worth of $10 million over the course of her career.

Breast cancer claimed Arlene’s life. Allen Bonet, a singer, was her husband. Her daughter is also well-known for having been Jason Momoa’s first wife. The actor has appeared in films like Justice League, Dune, and Aquaman.

Is Arlene’s Daughter, Lisa Bonet A Millionaire?

Lisa Bonet, who is an accomplished actress and has a net worth of $10 million, is the daughter of Arlene Litman. Her wealth is largely responsible for her successful acting career. It’s not surprising that she has made a lot of money because she has been working in the industry since the 1980s.

Lisa Bonet is posing in front of a Navy background while wearing a lot of necklaces.
Arlene Litman’s daughter, Lisa Bonet (Source: Lisa Bonet Instagram @officiallisabonet)

The Cosby Show is Litman’s most commercially successful project. More than $2 billion of the show’s current controversial revenue came from television alone. According to Rotten Tomatoes, Enemy of the State is the movie she’s worked on that has earned the most money. The movie brought in $111.5 million at the box office.

Arlene’s daughter also owns a number of priceless items. Her first car, a 1965 Mustang, is still in her possession. Aside from that, her home in Topanga, California, cost $1 million to buy.

Cause Of Litman’s Death:

Unfortunately, Arlene Litman is no longer with us after losing her battle with breast cancer. On March 3, 1998, Lisa’s mother passed away at age 58. Death was difficult for the Life on Mars actress to accept because she had a strong bond with her mother.

Since Arlene has always led a quiet life, not much is known about her at this time. Her daughter, however, has spoken about her mother and expressed how much she cherished her. She not only did that, but she also had a big impact on Lisa’s life.

Litman’s marriage to Allen Bonet was challenging; But Why?

Allen Bonnet, the father of Lisa Bonnet, and Arlene Litman had a brief romantic relationship that ended when she passed away. Almost immediately after Lisa’s birth, the two got divorced. Even before they got married, their marriage was full of challenges.

When it wasn’t common, Arlene, a white woman, married a black man. In the 1960s, when they were married, interracial unions were frowned upon. When Lisa mentioned her parents’ failed marriage, she claimed that her mother had lost everything when she chose to wed Allen. She described her mother as being courageous.

Allen was a successful opera singer. According to Lisa, her father abandoned her after their divorce, and she spent the majority of her formative years with her mother and her family.

Arlene Litman Was A Single Mother

Arlene Litman found it extremely difficult to raise her daughter Lisa Bonet alone. Financial issues weren’t the only thing that made Lisa’s childhood challenging; other kids had also made things difficult for her.

Lisa Bonet is posing with her hands folded and has tied a handkerchief around her forehead.
An old picture of Arlene Litman’s daughter Lisa Bonet (Source: Lisa Bonet Instagram @officiallisabonet)

Arlene used to be a school teacher and resided in the San Fernando Valley with her daughter. Lisa’s father was black, and her mother was white and Jewish. She didn’t receive a lot of acceptance as a mixed-race child growing up. Lisa has also expressed that people staring at her nonstop would make her feel uneasy. Even her school turned her down. To raise her daughter, Arlene had to endure a lot.

Arlene Parent’s Didn’t Accept Her Daughter

Eli Litman was Arlene’s father, and Sylvia Ellen Goldvarg was her mother. Her parents were Jewish and originally from Russia. Her daughter Lisa’s skin tone prevented them from accepting her. When Arlene decided to wed a black man, her family’s relationship with her was destroyed.

And because her daughter was half black, this meant that they also didn’t accept her. The actress from High Fidelity claimed in Porter’s article that her mother’s parents didn’t treat her well.

Lisa Is Fired From Cosby Show

The Cosby Show was about Lisa, Arlene’s daughter, and it was her big Hollywood debut. People still recognize her as Denise Huxtable from the show, which launched her career. She was, however, controversially fired from the program. There were several reasons for this.

The now disgraced Bill Cosby ultimately made the decision to fire Jason Momoa‘s ex-wife. Lisa broke the rules that Bill had established for the cast. Her performance in the naked scene in the movie Angel Heart was one of the main factors. The show’s portrayal of her was ruined by her doing that. She also became pregnant, which resulted in her being fired from the program.

One of Arlene’s daughter’s best experiences was landing a role in the program. She was concerned that her braces would prevent her from getting the role, but she ultimately succeeded, according to The Washington Post.

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