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It is well known that Bruce Hasselberg was Loni Anderson‘s first husband. His ex-wife is best known for playing Jennifer Marlowe on the CBS sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati (1978–1982). Loni and Bruce got married before the actress had a successful movie career.

In 1964, when they were in their 20s, they married and divorced after only two years. So, was there a particular cause for their divorce? Did the former couple have kids together? To learn everything there is to know about Loni Anderson’s ex-husband Bruce Hasselberg, see the articles below. Let’s begin.

Bruce Hasselberg’s Early Years:

In May 1939, in Minnetonka, Minnesota, the United States, Bruce Hasselberg was born to his parents. In May 2023, he will turn 84. In the course of his father’s employment, Bruce spent a specific period of time as an infant living in Baltimore.

Bruce Hasselberg is a businessman
Bruce Hasselberg

Later, his parents returned to Minnesota, where the former famous couple’s son spent the majority of his early years living with his younger sister, Barbara Hasselberg, who is four years younger than him. His sister was Miss Minnesota in the past. On top of that, the famous ex-husband is American-born and of white ethnicity.

Has A Degree In Sales & Marketing:

Bruce Hasselberg attended Bloomington High School in terms of education. Hasselberg enrolled at Minnesota University to continue his education, where he earned a degree in sales and marketing.

Bruce ran for student president and was an athlete while attending the university. He worked part-time selling cookware door-to-door for the Westy Bend Company in addition to being a student.

Bruce’s father was the mayor of Bloomington

In 1960, his mother, Phyllis M. Hasselberg, won the position of First Lady of Bloomington, while his father, Donald Hasselberg, was elected mayor of Bloomington, Minnesota. Bruce’s father, Donald, held a variety of positions prior to becoming mayor.

He began by working for the Baltimore, Maryland, social security office. Senior Hasselberg went on to work for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) before joining the army. Hasselberg’s mother was a career-driven individual like his father. Let’s also take a quick look at his mother.

What About His Mother Phyllis; Her Job Details

On February 11, 1918, Harry Johnson and Myrtle Susag gave birth to Phyllis Marian Johnson, who would grow up to become Bruce’s mother. She married Donald when she was just 20 years old, and the two were together for nearly 60 years, until her death.

Bruce Hasselberg's mother Phyllis Marian Johnson
Bruce Hasselberg’s mother Phyllis Marian Johnson

Her professional background included running a boarding house before working in the Southdale Dayton Music Department. Hasselberg’s mother was an excellent pianist and tennis player. Phyllis is no longer a living person as of 2023. She died in December 2015.

Bruce Is Businessman: He Owns Hasselberg Cos

Since March 3rd, 1963, Bruce has been the owner and manager of Hasseberg Cos. Bruce held positions in a number of other businesses in addition to being an owner. He began working for Premiere Realty as a senior vice president four years after receiving his degree in real estate from the University of Minnesota.

Bruce then held the position of Vice President of Real Estate at Space Center, formerly St. Paul Terminal Warehouse Co., from 1974 to 1979. At Haslleberg Cos. in San Antonio, Texas, he also rose to the position of Chief Financial Officer and held it for nearly two decades. He now runs the business as an owner-operator.

Bruce First Married To Loni Anderson

In 1964, the Minnesota native and Loni Anderson became husband and wife. According to rumors, the couple got to know one another for the first time at the Miss Minnesota pageant. Bruce’s younger sister Barbara and his future wife Anderson competed in the beauty pageant. Hasselberg was present at the show when he saw Loni and fell in love with her.

Bruce Hasselberg's ex-wife Loni Anderson
Bruce Hasselberg’s ex-wife Loni Anderson

He then approached his future spouse, and they soon began dating. After a short while, they decided to get married, and a year later, they had a beautiful baby girl as a married couple. But sadly, as time went on, their marriage’s spark began to fade, and in 1966, they decided to divorce.

What After Divorce? Did He Remarry?

The businessman married his second wife, whose name has not yet been revealed, after divorcing his first wife. But a few years later, Bruce went through the separation phase once more and divorced his second partner as well. Barbara Ann Howard and Bruce Hasselberg made their third trip down the aisle together. Bruce’s third wife was with him until her death on September 22, 2013.

Bruce Hasselberg and his third wife Barbara Ann Howard
Bruce Hasselberg and his third wife Barbara Ann Howard

On the other hand, his ex-wife Loni, who went on to become well-known in the film industry, got married three times. After her divorce from Bruce, she first wed actor Ross Bickell, then actor Burt Reynolds. Currently, Bruce’s ex-wife is happily married to Bob Flick, her fourth husband.

Bruce Hasselberg Is A Proud Father

Hasselberg’s daughter with The Price She Paid actress from their first union is named Deidra Hoffman. She was born in 1965, so in 2023 she will be 58 years old. The Hasselberg family’s daughter currently resides in Anderson, California, along with her husband, Chris Hoffman, and daughters McKenzie and Megan Hoffman.

James Hasselberg is the name of Bruce’s son from his second marriage. The Hasselberg company is owned by James. In a similar vein, Bruce’s well-known ex-wife is the mother of Quinton Anderson Reynolds, a son she adopted with her third husband, Burt Reynolds.

His Presence On Social Media Platforms:

Bruce, the ex-husband of a famous person, is active on Facebook. On August 3, 2020, he uploaded his Facebook cover photo as his last post to the social media platform. Furthermore, he has 12 followers on Twitter.

Bruce Hasselberg's daughter Deidra Hoffman
Bruce Hasselberg’s daughter Deidra Hoffman

Bruce Hasselberg Has $2 Million In Net Worth

There is no question that Bruce has made a good living from his business career, given that he is both a publisher and a real estate broker. He is currently said to have a projected net worth of more than $1 million as of 2023. His well-liked ex-wife, Loni Anderson, is worth $12 million, meanwhile.

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