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The son of Lisa Kudrow and Michel Stern, Julian Murray Stern (born May 8, 1998; age 24) is a well-known American actor and director.
The burden of living in the limelight may be rather overwhelming, yet some like Julian Murray Stern have successfully managed it. Julian is the child of Friends actor and award-winning actress Lisa Kudrow and advertising executive Michel Stern. He was born at the height of his mother’s popularity from Friends, and the plot even included details about his birth.
It said that Julian had already achieved celebrity status before leaving his mother’s womb and that he continued to live like one, frequently going to events like movie premieres. But since his parents knew how to achieve the perfect balance between private and public life, Julian has developed into a talented young man who is now following his mother into the film business.

Profile Overview Stern, Julian Murray

  • Full name: Julian Murray Stern
  • Date of birth: May 8, 1998
  • Age: 24 years old
  • Birthplace: Los Angeles
  • Nationality: American
  • Mother: Lisa Kudrow
  • Father: Michel Stern
  • Schools attended: University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts
  • Occupation: actor and filmmaker

Lisa Kudrow and French advertising executive Michel Stern’s lone child is named Julian Murray Stern.

Julian Murray Stern, who is now 24 years old, was born on May 8, 1998. His parents are French advertising executive Michel Stern and award-winning actress Lisa Kudrow. Julian’s mother comes from a distinguished line of doctors and assisted her father in research for many years. He eventually became aware of her creative aptitude and encouraged her to apply to the Groundlings Improv Theater, which was her introduction to the entertainment industry.
Since Lisa Kudrow’s career began in earnest in 1989, she has been in several critically acclaimed films, including The Opposite of Sex, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, and P.S. I Love You.
On the legendary NBC comedy Friends, she is most known for playing the oddball airhead massage therapist, Phoebe. During her ten years as a cast member of Friends, Kudrow received several honors, including the Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.
However, Michel Stern, a senior advertising executive who was born in France, is the father of Julian Stern. Stern was born in France and later moved to New York, where he met Kudrow in the late 1980s. He was dating her roommate at the time, and she was still a college student. She had feelings for him but was afraid to be silly. As luck would have it, he and the roommate stayed friends even though they ultimately broke up. Kudrow and Michel both attended the roommate’s birthday celebration six years after the split. They started chatting, and shortly after, they began dating.
Prior to getting married on December 27, 1995, in Los Angeles, Julian Murray Stern’s parents dated for a while. They are still together today. and their love for one another is still undying. The fact that they consistently work hard on their relationship and appreciate each other’s independence are only a couple of the keys to their happy marriage.

Julian Murray Stern
Julian and his parents – Image Source

He was born on the Friends set during the height of his mother’s fame, and his birth was planned out in the script.

Before learning they were expecting Julian Murray Stern, his parents had been legally married for roughly two years. Given that his mother was portraying a non-pregnant Phoebe on the Friends television program, this was clearly wonderful news for them, but it also proved to be a little tricky. Because her role was featured in every episode, it was challenging to schedule the shooting around her pregnancy. The plotline that resulted was that Phoebe’s half-brother, Frank, and his wife, Alicia, were unable to have a child. As a result, the showrunners opted to include it in the plot. As a result, Phoebe consents to assist them by serving as their surrogate mother through IVF.

By doing this, Julian’s mother was still able to play her iconic part on Friends while being pregnant. In the end, she gave birth to him in real life, although in the television series, she was the mother of triplets named Frank Jr., Leslie, and Chandler. The little Julian fit well in with the Friends’ family. His other stars would frequently convey to the unborn child that they loved him while his mother was carrying him. He got to play with them, notably with co-star Jennifer Aniston, because by the time his mother gave birth to him, she frequently brought him around. As she played and cuddled with him, he even began calling her “mummy” whenever he saw her on television.
Julian Murray Stern never made an appearance in a Friends episode, despite their close friendship. While growing up, he never really liked the program and instead gravitated toward action movies. He has only seen a few of the episodes so far, and this is more because he felt obligated to than because he found the show particularly compelling. However, Julian is aware of the program’s influence. At the Friends reunion performance in May 2021, he informed his mother that he was extremely proud of her and her accomplishments.

He has frequently joined his parents on the red carpet.

Even though Julian Murray Stern was born into fame, his parents were careful to achieve the correct balance between what they shared about him publicly and what they kept private. They protected the private information about his life from the public while also preventing him from leading a hermit life. Therefore, they brought him to the red carpet for several noteworthy events. In 2003, a five-year-old Julian attended the Looney Tunes movie premiere with his mother. In 2013, he also went with his mother to a P.S. Arts Event. In 2019, Julian attended the screening of Booksmart, one of his mother’s most recent motion pictures.
Julian’s parents adore him unconditionally, and his mother often wishes him a happy birthday on social media. She has also revealed certain details about his upbringing, such as the fact that he was content with being an only child and had no desire to have a sibling. He expressed his wishes as soon as he learned to talk, and his mother claims that he is still appreciative of being an only child now.

Julian Murray Stern, a USC graduate who hopes to become a filmmaker,

Friends was just in its fourth year when Julian Murray Stern was born in 1998. Consequently, he spent a significant chunk of his youth working with his mother on both the show’s set and other projects. This gave him a natural affinity for the film business, and he made the decision to pursue a career in filmmaking. Julian Murray enrolled in the USC School of Cinematic Arts to study film and television production after receiving his high school certificate. He performed well in school and earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and cinematic arts in May 2021. For the young man, it was a historic event, and he posted a celebration on his Instagram page. His mother exclaimed that she was thrilled and delighted as well.
Julian’s professional goals officially begin with his graduation, although even in his school years, he had already shown a lot of promise. Julian Murray was a youngster when he worked in the makeup and special effects division for various films, including Harry Porter, Captain America, Prometheus, and Shadow of the Vampire. In 2015, he contributed comparable abilities to the popular TV program Game of Thrones. 2019 saw Julian Murray complete his junior thesis by directing the short film “Mind Made Up. No small accomplishment, the film was chosen to appear at the Portland Comedy Festival in May 2021, and an ecstatic Julian shared the page on Instagram.

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