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Many are looking up to Alban Lenoir parents, wife, and family as the actor has been trending on social media platforms since his series AKA is soon to be aired on Netflix.

Alban Lenoir is a renowned actor, screenwriter, and stuntman from France. The performer received a Lumières Award nomination for his major role in the 2015 movie French Blood.

Talking about the stuntman’s career, he has performed stunts for multiple projects, including Les Brigades du Tigre, Taken, Hero Corp, The Princess of Montpensier, Outside the Law, Point Blank, and Erased.

With the release of the first trailer for their new movie, AKA, Netflix is set to take fans on yet another thrilling action journey.

Alban Lenoir is playing the role of an undercover special ops agent who infiltrates a criminal organization and meets the boss’s young son unexpectedly in the French production.

On Friday, April 28, 2023, at 3 a.m. ET, Netflix is anticipated to release the forthcoming French murder thriller AKA on the streaming service.

Alban Lenoir, a well-known French actor, plays Adam Franco in the movie. The actor is a special operations agent who works covertly to capture a legendary felon.

Alban Lenoir Parents

Alban Lenoir parents gave birth to the actor on December 16, 1980, in France.

Many are looking up Alban Lenoir’s parents’ details as the actor’s wikipedia page is missing. Admirers are having trouble finding details on the stuntman.

Sadly, Alban Lenoir’s parents have avoided the spotlight of their son and have not come forward in the media to reveal themselves.

Maybe in the future, the screenwriter’s family will be interviewed, followed by his successful career, and more information will be uncovered about Alban Lenoir’s parents.

Alban Lenoir parents whereabouts are unavailable on the Internet. (Source: ecranlarge)

No matter the genre, Alban Lenoir calculates his chances of receiving various jobs. The writer has an IMDb profile that lists all the credits involved in the projects.

Thanks to Diastème’s feature film Un Français, 2015 marks a turning point in Lenoir’s career. The actor was recognized by the Révélations des Césars for his portrayal of the title character, Marco Lopez, in 2016.

Since then, Alban has contributed to more and more alluring endeavors, such as dramatic compositions.

One can explore more about the actor from his Instagram handle under the username @albanlenoir. The stuntman has accumulated over 49.7K followers and uploaded over 62 total posts.

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Alban Lenoir Wife And Family: Meet His Partner Anne Serra

According to source, Alban Lenoir is living with his partner, Anne Serra.

Anne Serra is a renowned actress who was part of the Ludovic Colbeau Justin film “The Lion.” Later, the actress met Alban in the same year.

Alban Lenoir and Anne Serra have been one of the most powerful couples in French film for almost seven years. The two actors first met in 2015 while working on the movie Antigang, and they immediately fell head over heels for each other.

The following year, they collaborated on the movie Brice 3 with Jean Dujardin; he portrays the iconic character of Gregor d’Hossegor, and she is Nicole la Sole.

They continue their cooperation and play together in the Guillaume Pierret-directed 2020 movie Balle Perdue. Accomplices both in real life and on screen.

Alban Lenoir pictured with his partner Anne Serra. (Source: Closermag)

The couple, who are always together, have a little son who recently turned four years old. The little child is his parents’ pride, whether he is enjoying a seaside vacation or simply giving his mother a loving embrace.

The day after her son’s birthday, on February 26, 2022, Anne Serra revealed a brand-new photograph of the person who seemed to have completely flipped his world upside down.

Although she is quite cautious, the actress constantly makes sure to cover her son’s face. A means of shielding him from inquisitive eyes and publicity.

The two stars are very private about their connection and keep the specifics of their heartfelt love story to themselves.

Serra and Lenoir were previously seen on camera at the 24th French Film Trophies ceremony in 2017, at the Le Grand Rex cinema’s Jean-Claude Van Johnson series presentation.

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