Derrick Lewis

Professional MMA fighter Derrick Lewis recently attracted fans’ attention with his dramatic weight loss transformation that was made public online.

The current champion and the man with the most knockouts in UFC history is Derrick James Lewis, a well-known American professional mixed martial artist (MMA) fighter. The knockout artist has been fighting professionally since 2010, and he competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) heavyweight division.

In addition to the UFC, he competes for Bellator MMA and Legacy FC, where he won the heavyweight title and rose to seventh in the overall UFC heavyweight rankings. The top UFC knockout performer of all time gained attention this time due to his admirable weight loss and physical fitness.

Furthermore, Derrick Lewis, also known as “The Black Beast,” is one of the most intimidating heavyweights in UFC history. A friend first introduced him to mixed martial arts.

The Weight Loss Journey Of MMA Pro Derrick Lewis

After looking noticeably slimmer than usual in photos posted by UFC lightweight prospect Terrance McKinney, Derrick’s weight loss captured the interest of viewers. Twitter started trending with a picture of a knockout pro jogging. The transformation of Lewis, who has lost a significant amount of weight, was featured in Chris Hernandez’s Instagram story as a personal trainer.

 Derrick Lewis's Weight Loss
UFC knockout Leader became a buzzing topic this time because of his commendable weight loss and fitness. (Image Source: Dailystar)

Chris Hernandez’s Instagram story went viral among UFC fans as soon as it was posted. Many fans responded to Lewis’ remarkable weight loss on Twitter. The MMA fighter’s slimmer frame has fans stunned, as he has lost a lot of weight over the winter.

According to Daily Star, Derrick is frequently one of the most well-known mixed martial artists on the UFC roster and has previously had to be cut to fit within the heavyweight division’s 260-pound weight limit. Apparently, Lewis slimmed down to fight Spivak in November, but their fight was called off due to scheduling conflicts, according to reports.

Did You Know? Lewis was forced to cancel at the last minute due to a medical problem unrelated to COVID-19. However, the specifics were never disclosed.

Derrick Lewis: Before and After Photograph

The Black Beast’s updated appearance astounded fans and admirers when MMA photojournalist Amy Kaplan posted a picture of him in the middle of a workout. Terrance McKinney, a light heavyweight contender, added that the MMA fighter “seems ready for the welterweight 170-pound limit.”

 Derrick Lewis's Weight Loss
Derrick Lewis’s Weight Loss pictures, before and after (Image Source: talksport)

The UFC may be looking at an entirely new fighter in “cardio king” Lewis after his transformation; however, one can only hope that this latest example of weight loss in the UFC occurred under healthy conditions.

According to several media outlets, The Black Beast has been working out hard and losing weight in order to headline UFC Vegas 68 on February 4 at the APEX in Las Vegas.

Lewis’s Shocking Transformation

Despite the extreme weight cuts UFC fighters make prior to the fights, Derrick’s fans are impressed by his new appearance. Given that he still has nearly a month before his fight with Moldova’s Sergei Spivak on February 4, knockout king Lewis’ dramatic defeat appears to be a surprise.

Derrick (13 knockout victories) leads all UFC fighters in knockout victories, but there’s a chance that some of that stoppage potential will be lost as you lose weight. Derrick lost weight to reach the 265-pound UFC limit. Prior to his weight loss, he was one of the bigger heavyweights.

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