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Edgardo Canales, an American entertainment lawyer and businessman, was born in 1987 and is 36 years old. He is best known as the husband of Adria Arjona, a well-known Puerto Rican actress who lives in the US. While Adria Arjona, his wife, has been well-known for more than ten years, Edgardo only gained notoriety after getting married to the stunning actress in 2019.

We have covered everything you need to know about Edgardo Canales, a famous lawyer and Adria’s husband, in this article, including his personal life and his activities prior to becoming well-known.

Summary of Edgardo Canales’ Bio

  • Full name: Edgardo Rafael Canales Guastella
  • Gender: Male
  • Year of birth: 1987
  • Edgardo Canales is 36 years old.
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Edgardo Canales’s wife: Adria Arjona
  • Edgardo Canales’ Parents: Suncy Guastella (mother)
  • Edgardo Canales’s height in inches: 6 feet
  • Edgardo Canales’s height in centimeters: 183 cm
  • Edgardo Canales’s Weight: 85 kg (187 lbs.)
  • Edgardo Canales’s net worth is $1 million.
  • Famous for: Being Adria Arjona’s Husband

In Puerto Rico, Edgardo Canales was born 36 years ago..

The husband of Adria Arjona has not made his precise birthdate available to the public. He was born Edgardo Rafael Canales Guastella in the year 1987. His birth year indicates that he is presently 36 years old. He was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and is a citizen of the United States. Edgardo weighs about 85 kg and is a towering 6 feet tall. The Nationality Act of 1940 declared Puerto Rico to be a part of the US for citizenship purposes, which is noteworthy. Therefore, everyone born on or before January 13, 1941, has naturalized citizenship in the United States.

Edgardo Canales and his wife, Adria Arjona
Edgardo Canales and his wife, Adria Arjona, image source

Regarding his ancestry and family, Edgardo’s father, a lawyer, was the source of his passion for justice and the eventual inspiration for him to pursue a career in law. At the cosmetics company Rodan + Fields, his mother, Sunny Guastella, worked as a Level II Government Marketing Consultant (Science Museum). She was once Our Bodies the Exhibition’s assistant advertising and marketing supervisor. Additionally, Annie Vaillant, a friend of Edgardo Canales, is the mother of his niece Anna.

He is Well Educated

Edgardo Canales is a knowledgeable individual with a variety of academic degrees. He attended elementary and high school in San Juan, where he was raised. Then, after receiving his certificate, he enrolled in the Wallace E. Carroll Graduate College of Administration at the Boston School, where he later earned a diploma in finance in 2009.

After that, Edgardo continued on to the University of Puerto Rico, where he began studying law in 2012 and eventually earned a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree. He continued his career in law by enrolling at Southwestern University School of Law, where he earned his LLM in Entertainment and Media Law in 2013.

Edgardo is a lawyer by profession.

The best way to define Edgardo Canales is as a seasoned attorney with extensive knowledge and comprehension of legal and commercial issues. His career began to take off in the entertainment industry when he had all of the educational certifications. He originally worked at STX Entertainment as a manager, where he was in charge of all business and legal affairs and international production-related tasks.

Edgardo temporarily aided Philip Button while working at William Morris Endeavor prior to joining STX. He served as a legal expert at Canales Legislation Officer from September 2012 until September 2013. Additionally, he worked for a while in the business and legal departments of the Canales Law Offices in PR and the Movie Package Company in CA. Edgardo Canales still views STX Entertainment as his pivotal moment.

He has worked with STX Entertainment for the past few years; this fully integrated global media company distributes talent-driven film, television, and digital media content with the goal of maximizing market value. Edgardo maintains his position as one of the most reputable people in the organization because of the abundance of information and expertise he has accumulated over the years. Since April 2018, he has been working on the company’s global manufacturing, business, and legal issues.

Who is Adria Arjona, Edgardo Canales’ wife?

American TV personality and actress Adria Arjon is well-known. She is 30 years old, of Guatemalan and Puerto Rican ancestry, and was born on April 25, 1992. Sge was raised in a Mexican city despite being a San Juan native. Ricardo Arjona, her father, is a well-known singer and composer from Guatemala.

The 2012 short film Loss served as Adria’s acting debut, and it also served as the beginning of her ascent to fame. She continued to do little parts until 2015, when Emily in True Detective gave her a great break. She gained notoriety as an actor in 2017 after playing Dorothy Gale in 10 episodes of the TV show Emerald City. Since then, she has maintained her relevance and career apex. Father of the Bride, Morbius, Netflix’s Sweet Girl, 6 Underground, and Life of the Party are a few of her popular films.

Edgardo Canales Became Adria Arjona’s Husband in 2019 After Dating For 3 Years

In February 2016, Edgardo Canales and Adria Arjona became romantically involved. The couple dated for nearly three years and six months despite the fact that the specifics of how they met, including the location, remain unknown. Later, in August 2019, they will wed in a white wedding ceremony at the Lodge Casa Santo Domingo in La Antigua, Guatemala.

Only their closest friends and family members were present at their intimate wedding ceremony. The couple requested that attendees refrain from bringing gifts since the wedding was a private event. They asked their well-wishers instead to provide books, toys, or other essentials to the less fortunate kids as an alternative.

They got a lot of gifts like this, which they later donated to Guatemalan orphans in need, so this was praised as a good gesture. After three years of marriage, Adria Arjona and Edgardo Canales appear to be even more in love with one another. They go on vacation together and do things like stroll in the desert, go to events, and visit a beach in Puerto Rico.

They haven’t given birth to a kid together yet. The smitten pair was spotted out and about in Los Angeles, California, in February 2020 at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Adria frequently posts romantic photos of her spouse and herself at these occasions on her Instagram feed. Despite not being active on social media, Edgardo Canaled frequently appears on his wife’s Instagram profile.

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