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Almost 20 years have passed since Alexandra Daddario began acting. Through her performances in close to two dozen films and a few television series, she has amassed millions of fans around the world. The actress is fairly candid about her early life, career, and childhood; however, she has been reticent to talk to the media about her romantic relationships.

But her followers are constantly interested in learning about her relationships and boyfriends. As of 2023, she is married, but over the years, Daddario has dated a few men in Hollywood. The actress and Logan Lerman, an actor, were previously engaged. Similar to this, she also had brief relationships with Ari Melber, Brendan Wallace, and Zac Effron.

Let’s take a closer look at her past relationships and romantic history.

Alexandra Daddario & Andrew Form-Married Couple In 2023

Well, Alexandra is now officially married to Andrew Form, and the two appear to be having a wonderful time together. At the end of 2020, the couple started dating. During their quarantine walks in New York, they allegedly ran into each other on the street.

Their initial encounter eventually developed into a romantic relationship, and on December 2, 2021, they announced their engagement. Several months later, in June 2022, they exchanged vows. The couple has now officially entered 2023 and is still together as a married couple. Together, the couple took a vacation, and they even posted a stunning photo from the trip to Instagram.

Logan Lerman Was Her Fiancé

The romance between Logan Lerman and Alexandra Daddario reads like a screenplay. They actually first ran into each other while traveling to the set of Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief for their respective roles. Logan reportedly fell in love with Alexandra at first sight, but he was too shy to confess his feelings, according to a Wattpad article.

Prior to the audition, Alexandra approached him and asked if he would practice his lines with her. They worked together during their rehearsals, and fortunately, both of them were cast in the movie, which marked the start of their relationship.

Alexandra Daddario and her ex-boyfriend Logan Lerman heading to lunch in West Hollywood
Alexandra Daddario and her ex-boyfriend Logan Lerman heading to lunch in West Hollywood
(Image Source: Just Jared)

Since they began dating, the couple has made frequent public appearances, making them one of the most popular celebrity couples in the early 2010s. Daddario and Lerman were rumored to have broken up in 2015 after dating for more than five years.

Many online publications at the time claimed the couple had split up, but none of them offered any confirmation. Meanwhile, according to a Daily Mail article, Daddario and Logan Lerman got engaged in 2016. However, the website didn’t offer any additional details regarding their engagement or relationship.

Daddario Has Also Dated Ari Melber, A Television Host

A few years after splitting from Logan Lerman, Daddario began dating American television host and lawyer, Ari Melber. In August 2018, the couple gained notoriety when they were photographed having lunch at the Cafe Habana Malibu in Cuba.

Daddario and The Beat host shared a passionate kiss in her car shortly after they left the restaurant. Many online news outlets at the time claimed they had been dating for a while in secret.

Alexandra Daddario and Ari Melber with Richard Lewis at Lewis' celebration of 24 years of sobriety
Alexandra Daddario and her ex-boyfriend Ari Melber with comedian Richard Lewis
(Image Source: Twitter@richardlewis)

Earlier, Daddario and Melber were seen together at comedian Richard Lewis’ 24th anniversary of sobriety party. The couple quickly called it quits, but they kept their breakup private. Ari Melber previously wed Drew Grant, whom he later divorced in 2017.

The Truth: Her Relationship With Actor Brendan Wallace

After breaking up with her boyfriend of more than five years, Lerman, Alexandra Daddario remained single for a while. Daddario began dating actor Brendan Wallace in 2019, who had dated British actress Emma Watson before.

After they went out together in LA earlier that year, they started a romance rumor. The former lovers used to appear in public even though they rarely discussed their relationship. When the couple traveled to Italy in July 2019, it became public knowledge that they were dating.

Alexandra Daddario (left) in a white polka dot shirt and black shorts and her ex-boyfriend Brendan Wallace (right) in white t-shirt and cream chinos
Alexandra Daddario and her ex-boyfriend Brendan Wallace heading to dinner during their vacation in Italy
(Image Source: Got Celeb)

Daddario and Wallace dined at Pierluigi’s restaurant while traveling in Italy. Daddario and Wallace were reportedly engaged in early August 2019 after the actress flashed a ring on her ring finger.

The Baywatch actress displayed her engagement ring while out on a scooter date in Venice Beach, California. The couple hasn’t been seen together since their vacation in Rome, despite all the buzz and headline-grabbing dates.

Alexandra Daddario & Zac Efron’s Rumored Relationship:

During the making of their 2017 movie Baywatch, Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddario became close friends. The two actors began to appear in public more frequently, which led some of their fans to wonder if they were actually dating.

However, Daddario, who portrayed Efron’s love interest in Baywatch, denied dating him. The actress admitted that she and Efron were just good friends in a March 2018 interview with People. “We are really good friends,” she said.

Alexandra Daddario and her rumored boyfriend Zac Efron during the promotion of their film Baywatch

Actress Alexandra Daddario and her Baywatch co-star Zac Efron

After Efron wished Daddario a happy birthday on his Instagram on March 16, rumors of their romance began to circulate online. When they went shopping together at a pet store in Los Angeles later, the pair fed the rumor. The American actor is presently dating Halston Sage, a Baywatch co-star.

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