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The musician and TV personality Countess Vaughn has a famous daughter named Sasha Whitten. In the United Paramount Network comedy Moesha and its sequel, The Parkers, her mother, Countess, played the part of Kim Parker well knownly. In the NBC comedy 227, she also portrayed Alexandria DeWitt.

People naturally want to learn more about Sasha Whitten’s life since she is the daughter of Countess Vaughn, a well-known musician and TV personality. In this post, we will learn about Sasha’s personal and professional life.

Timeline Of Sasha’s Parents’ Relationship

The Countess Vaughn and David Whitten, the parents of Sasha Whitten, started dating in June 2006. They chose to get engaged since they were so madly in love. The Countess declared David to be her fiancé after their engagement.

Sasha Whitten's father, David Whitten proposing to Countess Vaughn.
David Whitten, Sasha’s father, making a marriage proposal to Countess Vaughn.
(Image Source: Hip Hop Vibe)

Sadly, after a lengthy twelve years together, the relationship between the Countess and David came to an end in August 2018. Although the precise cause of their split hasn’t been made public, the rumored Bleach assault may have contributed to it.

Is It True That David Whitten Threw Bleach At Countess Vaughn?

David allegedly splashed bleach in Vaughn’s face, as reported by  TMZ. Assault was said to have occurred because:

“keep her from working as an actress.”

Additionally, the Countess charged David of abusing her for a long time. He even allegedly threatened to expose sexual videos of her, according to her. The hearing court issued a restraining order requiring David to maintain a safe distance of at least 100 yards from Vaughn.

Countess Vaughn Has Married Before

Prior to courting David Whitten, the countess was married to Joseph James. They began dating in November 2001 and were hitched on January 16, 2002, two months later. Coincidentally, it was also the year when well-known American actor David Eigenberg was married.

Given that there is no information about their having a grandiose wedding, the Countess and Joseph’s nuptials seem to have taken place in secret. They invited their close friends and family to the ceremony.

Countess Vaughn and her ex-husband Joseph James.
Joseph James and Countess Vaughn, who was formerly married.
(Image Source: Who Dated Who)

Sadly, it seems that Joseph and the Countess had a rocky relationship since, after three years of marriage, they filed for divorce. On January 31, 2005, they split up, and on July 3, 2005, they obtained a legal divorce.
In July 2003, while Vaughn was still married to Joseph, she gave birth to a boy named Jaylen James. Following the divorce, the then-two-year-old was placed in Vaughn’s care, and thanks to his parenting, the little boy has grown up to be quite a lovely young man. Jaylen is obviously Sasha Whitten’s step-brother.

Instagram Presence

Sasha Whitten, the daughter of Countess Vaughn, is too young to create her own social media account. Regarding her mother, the Countess,  @countessdvaughn, has over 664k followers on Instagram and is verified. She uses Instagram a much.
Additionally, the Countess has amassed over 125k fans on her @Countess-Vaughn Facebook page. She is less active on Facebook, though; her most recent edit to her bio was in 2020.

Sasha Whitten's mother, Countess Vaughn, posing for a photo shoot.
Countess Vaughn, mother of Sasha Whitten, posing for a picture.
(Image Source: Healthy Celeb)

Additionally, the Countess maintains a Twitter account with almost 17.7k followers under the handle  @CountessDVaughn. On social media, she has never had less followers than now. She last tweeted on December 27, 2015, although she hasn’t done so since.

Sasha Whitten’s Mother Net Worth

Sasha Whitten isn’t old enough to have her own net worth since she is financially dependent on her parents. Her mother, the Countess Vaughn, however, is estimated to be worth $900,000.
Her net worth has been significantly influenced by the Countess’s work as an actress and singer. Although she may not have reached the million dollar mark, she still has enough money to live comfortably without worrying about money.

Who Is The Mother of Sasha Whitten?

Countess Danielle Vaughn, also known as Countess Vaughn, was born in Oklahoma on August 8, 1978. Leo and Sandra Vaughn, two local teachers, gave birth to her.

In 1981, at the infant age of only three, Countess started singing. She earned the 1988 overall junior champion after taking home the Star Search junior singer title. Her future career was made possible by this.
In 1998, Vaughn won the NAACP Best Supporting Actress Award for her work in Moesha. She also received an NAACP Image Award nomination for the same performance. For the NAACP Image Award, Marta Cunningham has also received a nomination.

Mother of Sasha Whitten Used A Wig Due To Hair Loss

Sasha’s mother, Countess Vaughn, spoke about her awful wig-related experience on The Doctors in 2014. She claimed:

“It’s crazy how one day everything’s fine then the next thing, the simplest thing, can mess up your life.”

Countess Vaughn happily singing a song
Countess Vaughn was joyfully singing.
(Image Source: Bronze Magazine)

The wig had been worn by the countess for five long years, and to keep it in place, she employed wig glue. But she found that it had resulted in a scalp infection, which had in turn led to hair loss. Only six months after realizing she was losing her hair did she go to a dermatologist.

The Abortion of Countess Vaughn

Vaughn made a confession about having an abortion when she was 18 on the October 8, 2014, episode of Hollywood Divas. Everyone who was researching the unexpected discovery was astonished by it. She said:

“I had an unwanted pregnancy. I had just started my TV show. I knew that in black Hollywood a girl having a baby, they’d get rid of you. I had to do something about it. I had to make a decision to get rid of a child for my career.”

For a long time, Vaughn had been dreading it; he had saved its revelation for years later. She had to keep it a secret because else her program would have been canceled. It was a difficult choice for her.

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