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Many people are interested in the personal lives of celebrities, often finding it relatable when they learn about their dating or long-term relationships. News about these aspects of a star’s life is often intriguing to the public.

On the other hand, when a celebrity is involved in a murder case, it becomes a cause for concern. It can be difficult to reconcile the image of a beloved public figure with the idea of them causing harm to another person, particularly when the victim is their own spouse.

We will therefore examine 7 such celebrities who killed their true loves in this article. What inspired them to commit such a heinous act? Did any of them even receive a guilty verdict? Let’s investigate.

1. Michael Jace

Michael Jace gained notoriety for playing the complex and sexually conflicted Julien Lowe in The Shield. In addition to this, he has delivered outstanding performances in The Mentalist, ER, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. After appearing in so many films about the legal profession, we couldn’t possibly picture him participating in crime. He is, though.

Jace shot and killed his wife
The convicted killer, Michael Jace.

On May 29, 2014, April Jace, Michael’s unloved wife, was murdered by her lover. At Jace’s house in Los Angeles, this horrific incident happened. In addition, he shot his wife in front of his sons. Discuss the trauma they experienced!

What, then, was the cause? It appears that Mrs. Jace wanted to get divorced. The actor, on the other hand, thought his partner was having an affair. Following the murder of April, Michael calmly dialed 911 and gave himself up. And to make matters worse, he told the police how to get inside his house and informed them that he was unarmed. Jace received a 40-year prison term for his actions.

2. Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit rose to prominence as a wrestler between the 1980s and the 2000s. He competed for numerous prestigious organizations and won the wrestling championship. His murder of his own wife and son put an end to his distinguished career, though.

Chris Benoit is one of the celebrities who has killed his partner
The wrestling champion, Chris Benoit.

In 2007, the world champion wrestler strangled his wife Nancy. Along with this, he also murdered his son, who was 7 years old. Then, two days after the deed, he committed suicide. The public found this to be rather a traumatizing news. The killings also appeared to be planned out. He found his wife wrapped in a blanket, and he restrained her.

On the other hand, his son was on the bed with his face down. Even worse, he placed Bibles next to their corpses. It’s even thought that he committed such an act because Benoit had a mental illness at the time. His brain was that of an 85-year-old man with dementia, according to the forensic examination.

3. Earl Hayes

Earl Hayes, a rapper, is listed next on this murderous list. He has blood on his hands and is well known for his involvement in Floyd Mayweather’s record label. On December 8, 2014, he shot his wife, Stephanie Moseley.

Rapper Earl Hayes killed his wife
Rapper, Earl Hayes.

Stephanie Moseley was a rising star in the entertainment industry, known for her roles on VH1’s “Hit the Floor” and the movie “Twilight.” However, her career and life were tragically cut short when she was killed by someone she loved and trusted. The idea of being killed by a loved one is unimaginable.

When considering the motive for the murder, the famous couple had been fighting for days. It appears that Hayes’ wife had an extramarital relationship with a singer. During the incident, his close friend Mayweather is said to have been on the phone with him.

4. Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius was regarded as the most inspirational man in 2012. Despite his disability, he had the guts to run in the Olympics for South Africa alongside athletes who were in good physical shape. Although he lost, he demonstrated that a person’s disability need not define them or restrict their dreams.

Former athlete Oscar Pistorius was convicted of a murder
The man who inspired the world! – Oscar Pistorius

On Valentine’s Day of 2013, a year after this momentous occasion, the athlete killed his partner. His girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, was fatally shot by Pistorius. This unfortunate incident was caused by a fight between the couple.

With this, Oscar Pistorius’ career came to an end. He was found guilty of killing Steenkamp despite the charges. His sentence was originally only set at 6 years, but in 2017, it was increased to 9 additional years, making a total of 15 years.

5. Brynn Hartman & Phil Hartman

The star of Saturday Night Live was Phil Hartman. He was well-known for playing the part of Bill Clinton and other hilarious characters. Due to his exceptional talent, Hartman was even ranked 7th out of 145 cast members for the TV show by Rolling Stone.

Phil was a TV star, while his wife, Brynn was an actress
Brynn Hartman and Phil Hartman were together for 10 years

He was married to Brynn Hartman, a less well-known actress. Meanwhile, the former couple’s two children were born after they had been married for almost ten years. This, however, didn’t last long.

Brynn shot her husband three times on May 28, 1998, killing him while he slept. She pointed the gun at herself after that. This isn’t entirely clear as to why. Many people think that the couple’s marital difficulties were caused by Harman’s wife’s drug and alcohol abuse.

6. Russell Neal

The 1990s saw Russell Neal achieve fame as a singer. He was a member of the R&B group Hi-Five, best known for their hit song I Like The Way. He was, however, charged with and found guilty of killing his wife, Catherine Martinez.

Russell Neals killed his wife
Neals, the convicted killer of his spouse.

Russel Neal entered the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and handed himself in for the murder of his wife. He took them inside his residence, where the police discovered Catherine’s lifeless body. She died from multiple fatal stabbings.

7. Jovan Belcher

Jovan Belcher was a professional football player who, in 2012, committed a murder-suicide, killing the mother of his child before taking his own life. This tragic incident brought to light the issue of domestic violence and the impact it can have on families and communities.

Belcher was an NFL player
Belcher with his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins and newborn baby

As it turned out, Kasandra Perkins was killed on December 1st, 2012, by Belcher, who was 25 years old at the time. In the same home’s adjacent room, his mother was caring for the couple’s infant daughter. Jovan drove to the Chief’s training facility, where he shot himself in the head after killing Perkins. Romeo Crennel, the coach, and Scott Pioli, the former general manager, were present when he passed away.

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