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Mark As Mark Fluent, Alan Fluent achieved professional success. He oversees Western US Real Estate as managing director for Deutsche Bank. He is in charge of the Dallas, Dallas, and Los Angeles offices.

In addition to his great work, Mark is also known for being the husband of Justine Tanya Bateman, as Justine Bateman, an American writer, director, and producer. Her film credits include Satisfaction, Desperate Housewives, Men Behaving Badly, The TV Set, Family Ties, and Californication. She was born in Rye, New York.

In the 1990s, Mark began working as a real estate developer before joining the Morstrat Securities Corporation in 1994. Additionally, he started working at Lehman Brothers Inc. as a broker in 2007.

Who Exactly Is Mark Fluent? All Facts Here

As was already noted, Mark Fluent is a real estate specialist from the early 1960s who was born in Los Angeles. DK claims that he was born in 1962 and is currently 59 years old. Mark’s precise birthdate has not yet been made public.

Additionally, information on his parents and siblings is still pending. Mark attended the University of Southern California after finishing high school and received a Bachelor’s degree from there.

Mark Alan Fluent is a Los Angeles-born real estate expert from the early 60s of California.
Real estate developer Mark Alan Fluent was born in Los Angeles.
 Photo Source: Cyber Breeze

Following college, Mark started a career as a real estate developer, where his first 10 years of employment were not very fruitful. He was employed at the Morstrat Securities Corporation in 1994.

Mark has accumulated all of the commercial property expertise over the course of more than thirty decades of investing, and he is currently the head of West Coast real estate. Mark has contributed to government funding and resource provision for property owners and developers during the course of his fruitful career.

Mark Fluent’s Family Life: Wife And Children

A married guy, Mark Fluent. With Justine Bateman, his lifelong partner, he exchanged vows. In 2001, the couple exchanged vows.

The couple jointly raises their two children. On June 18, 2002, Mark and his wife Justine had their first child, a son they called Duke Kenneth Fluent.

In January 2004, after two years, Mark and Justine received their daughter Gianetta “Gia” Fluent. Los Angeles, California, is home to the gorgeous family.

Mark Fluent is a married man. He shared the vows with his long-term girlfriend, Justine Bateman.
Mark Fluent with his wife, Justine Bateman during night time.
Photo Source: The Ofy

The famous mother and Mark’s wife both promise to always be there for their children if they decide to follow in her professional footsteps. However, as Amo Mama noted, she wants her kids to be exposed to whichever form of art they are most knowledgeable about. Additionally, Justine said she would for her children to know “everything about everything.”

Their children frequently feature on Justine’s Instagram, according to The Focus. Mark has led a rather low-profile existence, making it difficult to learn much about him. Additionally, their family is frequently sighted at public gatherings and was spotted in 2014 on the opening night of the Art Los Angeles Contemporary.

Mark Fluent Wife Justine Tanya Bateman Faced Ageism

Justine is in her fifties now, and as she ages, she is acquiring fine lines, wrinkles, and several other aging difficulties.

In an interview, she disclosed that she frequently received negative feedback due to the aged skin on her body.

People believe that aging ladies should restore their skin, she remarked.

When she uploaded her photo with wrinkles on social media, she received a ton of negative comments.

They believed Justine needed to make up her face.

Justine, on the other hand, asserted that she is content with her aging look and is unconcerned with what others may think of her.

She doesn’t believe she should be listening to what others have to say about her aging problem.

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