Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, better known by her stage name Halsey, is an American singer and songwriter whose mother is Nicole Frangipane. One of the most well-known musicians in the US, Halsey, has sold more than a million albums.

Despite Nicole’s fame as Halsey’s mother, she undoubtedly has her own journey, just like every other person. So, today’s article will provide more information about Nicole’s life, including her age, relationships, family, and a lot more.

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Nicole Frangipane, Halsey’s mother, what race is she?

Nicole will be 49 years old in this year. She was born in New Jersey, in the United States, on July 20, 1973. Her mother Annette Canace and father Richard Jacobs raised her in her hometown.

In terms of education, she started out at a community college but left midway through because of her pregnancy. But eventually, she enrolled at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, where she earned her degree. In addition, Halsey’s mother is of Italian, Hungarian, and Irish ancestry. She is an American citizen.


Background of Her Family

She is the daughter of Richard Jacobs and Annette Canace, as was previously stated. Regarding her family history, her father Richard was the child of Lorraine Alice Christoff and Steve Jacob.

Additionally, Frank Joseph Jacob and Maria/Mary Takacs, Nicole’s great-grandparents, were Hungarian. Her mother Annette was also a descendant of Josephine Fortunata Minervino and Vito Canace. She had Calabrian and Campanian ancestry and was of Italian descent.

Nicole Frangipane is a certified emergency medical technician.

Nicole’s line of work is emergency medical services. Frangipane began working as a medical technician on March 20, 2012, and she has continued in that capacity ever since.

Nicole Frangipane works as a emergency medical assistant
Nicole Frangipane, Halsey’s mom.

Her daughter once mentioned her mother’s occupation while speaking out against the ongoing violence in her country through Instagram during the COVID pandemic. She wrote on June 1st, 2020, The man who raised me is black. An EMT, like my mother.

I had to combine those two associations in ways this week that horrified me.

Additionally, she reportedly works as a sales associate for the NJ branch of Stanton Company Realtors. According to the biography for her business, Nicole loves real estate.


Chris Frangipane, Nicole’s African-American husband, and their inter-racial union

As of right now, Nicole and Chris Frangipane have been married for more than twenty years. Although Nicole is white and her husband is black, the couple’s differences in race did not negatively impact their union. However, they experienced a great deal of hardship as a married couple due to poor financial circumstances rather than their racial differences.


Early in the 1990s, while both were attending college, Nicole and Chris began dating. The pair decided to leave college after realizing they would soon become parents, and most likely got married in the interim. Since then, the couple has remained faithful to one another, overcoming every challenge and adversity that has come their way.

Nicole Frangipane Has Three Children.

She had three children from her relationship with her future husband, Halsey (Ashley Nicolette Frangipane), Sevian Frangipane, and Dante..

Nicole Frangipane is a mother
Nicole Frangipane with her children and husband

Halsey, her first child, was born in Edison, New Jersey, on September 29, 1994. She has already achieved widespread fame as a singer and songwriter. Nicole’s son Sevian was born in May 1998. Dante, her youngest son, was also born to her in March 2005.

Relationship between Nicole and her husband and their daughter, Halsey

Nicole and her husband currently enjoy a wonderful relationship with their daughter Halsey. However, things weren’t always this way; at one point, the parents expelled their daughter from the house simply because she dropped out of college.

Halsey once disclosed the cause of her homelessness in an interview. She said, They simply didn’t concur with a lot of my claims. However, the couple and their daughters have currently made amends. They get along beautifully, just like every parent and child do.


Sevian, her activist son, spoke out against racial discrimination in 2020.

Sevian, Nicole’s bi-racial son, spoke out against racial discrimination in the year 2020.

Nicole Frangipane's son is against racial discrimination
Nicole Frangipane with her son Sevian and Dante. Source: Sevian’s Instagram

He earned his degree from California State University in May 2020, and soon after, he started working as an activist. He posted a video of himself protesting on his Instagram on June 6, 2020, with the caption,

“An article on your story is insufficient. A documentary alone is insufficient. calls some people and puts up some signs. Let’s keep fighting for human rights because it seems that eliminating racism is a contentious issue in this deeply injust nation. Be resolute. Be enthusiastic. Be considerate. DON’T keep quiet.”

Two days later, Sevian’s well-known sister Halsey shared a message on social media expressing her admiration for her young brother for speaking out against racism.

Bipolar disorder Affected Nicole Frangipane

Nicole, the mother of Halsey, once battled the mental illness known as bipolar disorder. In actuality, Frangipane’s daughter Halsey also had bipolar disorder in addition to herself.

The mother and daughter both experienced such difficult circumstances that they would support and inspire one another. In reference to her disorder, Halsey once remarked,

“The benefit of having bipolar disorder for me is that I have a high level of empathy. I’m so aware of everything around me… I used to constantly complain to [my mom] about how much I despised it.”

She went on to say that her mother had assisted her in coping with the disorder, saying, Which would you prefer: to be in pain and aware or to be blissfully ignorant? Despite Nicole’s refusal to disclose her mental illness, her daughter.


The grandmother Nicole

Ender Ridley Aydin, her grandson, was born on July 14, 2021.Ender Ridley Aydin, who was born on July 14, 2021, is her grandson.

Nicole Frangipane is a grandmother
Nicole Frangipane’s grandson. Source: her daughter’s Instagram

From her relationship with her boyfriend, the writer and producer by trade Alev Aydin, her daughter gave birth to Ender. AD Ender’s mother uploaded a photo of him to her Instagram after his birth and wrote, “Gratitude. For the “rarest” and most euphoric birth. Motivated by love.” Grandchild of Nicole is now one years old.

Social Media Accounts She Uses

The famous mother uses Facebook frequently. It appears from looking at her Facebook account that she is a recent Facebook user.

Her entire blog is uploaded in the year 2022. On her Facebook page, Nicole primarily posts pictures of her granddaughter and her daughter.

Halsey, Nicole’s daughter, is a millionaire.

She has a successful singer/songwriter daughter. Halsey is thought to have a net worth of $20 million, which she accrued as a result of her successful entertainment career. Nicole, on the other hand, must have made a respectable living as an EMT.

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