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The murder of Marilyn McIntyre was a highly publicized, shocking incident that generated significant media attention. The violent criminal aspect of the case required years of investigation.

Marilyn was a young woman who was murdered, and similar criminal cases continue to surface through news outlets that have the audience’s attention. The general public sought justice for these victims through this.

More than three decades after the incident, many people who have heard about it are still shocked by what happened next. The incident occurred in 1980. Authorities implicated her loved ones as suspects in the investigation, but it quickly changed course.

The Death of Marilyn McIntyre: What Happened?

When Marilyn was about 18 years old, a shocking incident involving her murder took place in the 1980s. She was brutally murdered in her own house.

Her husband reported the incident to the police after seeing it happen. He saw his wife stabbed by a knife when he got home from the office where he worked at a nearby paper mill in Columbus, Wisconsin.

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Victim Marilyn McIntrye & Her Husband Lane McIntrye (Image Source: The Cinemaholic)

After witnessing the horrifying and traumatic event, he went to the child’s bedroom to check on their three-month-old son. Their son, Christopher, was found to be secure. When the police arrived, they discovered no signs of forced entry.

Marilyn had given her assailant permission to enter the house, suggesting that it was a person she knew. She had been severely beaten, choked, and had the knife stabbed into her chest before she passed away, according to the autopsy.

The Primary Suspect In Marilyn’s Murder Case Is Her Husband

For many years, Lane McIntyre, the innocent husband of Marilyn McIntyre, was thought to have killed her. Although he was not a party to the murder investigation, he was the subject of many hints. He was at work the night Marilyn was killed, according to his timeline, but he frequently worked alone and was allowed to take breaks.

Just days prior to the death of his wife, he bought a life insurance policy on Marilyn, which raises questions. Despite the fact that Lane was an obvious suspect, there was no proof connecting him to the crime. At the crime scene, where they also found bloodstains and hair from an unidentified source, investigators collected fingerprint evidence.

A Friend Of Marilyn, Has Been Found Guilty Of Her Murder

Marilyn McIntyre’s true perpetrator was her husband’s friend Curtis Forbes, who was apprehended only after the case had been ongoing for several years. At the time the incident occurred, he was being investigated, but he escaped. The police did not take him into consideration at the time because there was no evidence against him. However, a case update that came about 27 years later shocked many people.

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Curtis Forbes: A Man Who Murdered His Friend’s Wife (Image Source: WiscNews)

The officers felt confident using DNA samples and cutting-edge research to solve the mystery after the case was reopened by the neighborhood police. Forbes planned to fake his death by buying an inflatable raft, taking it out on Lake Michigan, and sinking it, in order to make it appear that he had died in the accident, and thus escape.

Unfortunately for him, when Debra Attleson (Forbes’ girlfriend) was re-interviewed by police, she admitted that she had observed blood on his shirt the morning of the murder. With this statement, the police now had enough solid evidence to arrest him.

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